Friday, 14 March 2014

He May Be Taking the Longer Way, But Aslan Is On the Move.

I feel like Spring and Summer are just two fairytale words that derived from some beautiful but fictional fantasy tale, right now. I never minded the cold until this year. I never minded the snow until this year. I never minded winter until this year. Oh, this year.

"When Aslan bears his teeth,
Winter meets it's death.
When He shakes his mane,
We shall have Spring again!"

C. S. Lewis`words from The Silver Chair have never struck me with such awe and wonder and beauty and hope and I could go on. Seriously. I`m awake to the intense beauty Spring brings. Life. Warmth. Colour.

I`m not a winter-hater. I love hot chocolate and sledding and Christmas especially, but its that subtle absence of colour and that apathetic cold that rudely catch hold of you after a few months.

It`s March now, though. Hang in there friends. It won`t be long. Aslan is on the move. You can`t see it, you can`t feel it and when those surprising and depressing storms hit again it seems impossible, but Spring is coming.

Yeah, I was kind of getting deep about winter, but in truth I really wanted to encourage my fellow Canadians to hold on and persevere. How sweet Spring will be to us now. Just think on that. Brave the cold and look ahead.

On another note, this was probably the best winter ever for Disney to introduce their newest Pixar film Frozen. Good on them.

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